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The 5-Minute Beach-To-Bar HairstyleExplained By Kerry Washington &Zendaya’s Stylist

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s time to prepare your hair for the heat. Larry Sims, celeb hairstylist, explained the perfect 5-minute beach to bar hairstyle you need to try ASAP & you can get the exact how-to right here!

With summer in full swing, we caught up with top celebrity hairstylist, Larry Sims, who also stars in a new Bravo show, Invite Only Cabo, to talk about his go-to summer hairstyle. Larry’s celeb client roster is absolutely insane and he works with Zendaya, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Victoria Beckham and more. Larry explained that the easiest and best hairstyle to try out this summer if you’re heading straight from the beach to the bar is a top knot and Zendaya just showed hers off!

Larry shared with us a quick little tip in terms of product to use when you’re headed to the beach, “Make sure you pack in your bag, Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Oil Nutritive Split-End Serum. It’s going to protect your hair from the UV rays & when it dries, it’s going to give you a gorgeous, beachy finish.” Larry suggests using Gliss products for hair repair, “they’re really good to be used for hair treatments & maintaining your hair & treating it after you use a lot of heat on it.” Also, if you’re heading out after the beach, Larry said, “Just throw your hair up in a top knot and have a great time, have a shot of tequila, you can dance all night, you can sweat in that hair, and the messier the better.” How hilarious is he?

As for what products Larry likes to use when styling hair and what he suggests — drugstore products! “I’ve never been a believer that the more expensive the product, the better it is. The cheaper products are sometimes better. My clients also, as rich as they are, they don’t spend a lot of money on products – it’s not necessary. I definitely incorporate things that are accessible to everyday people. The narrative is, you can get these great celebrity, expensive looking red carpet looks with spending a fraction of the cost on the products that you use.” One of his fave products, “Got2b Glued hairspray – there’s just nothing like it. it’s used for really high, crazy hairstyles — it’s multi-useful.”

What do you guys think of Larry’s 5-minute hairstyle? Will you try it?





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How to Style a Crown Braid This Summer, According to Gabrielle Union’s Hairstylist


Braids are a popular summer go-to. They’re easy to do, protective and, most of all, pretty.

The only problem: As a popular technique, the more basic styles can lack the originality and sophistication you may desire. Your summer, possibly filled with weddings, graduation parties and other memorable moments, needs something easy, protective and unique.

Enter the crown braid, a clear winner in elevated braiding styles. It’s an up-do that can be dressed up or casual, depending on the styling. Plus, when it’s hot and sticky outside, this hairstyle keeps your hair protected and off your neck. Gabrielle Union, Vanessa HudgensKerry Washington and Ciara are just a few of the celebs that have taken the hairstyle onto the red carpet, proving the style’s noteworthy beauty.

Now, there’s a new crown braid that offers a major impact. After spending weeks filming Bravo’s “Invite Only: Cabo,” celebrity hairstylist and reality TV star Larry Sims came back inspired to create a summer style that’s versatile, always appropriate and original. The result: a gold-laced crown braid, which doubles as this season’s hottest braided style and accessory. This style exists where royalty meets practicality—a beauty dream.

Ready to hit refresh on the crown braid? Watch the video above for a breakdown of the look!

Step 1: Create the starting point of the braid at the top of the head.
Step 2: Grab your ribbon and double it up for a fuller look.
Step 3: Create three sections of hair at the starting point of the braid.
Step 4: Grabbing the middle section of the hair, anchor the ribbon.
Step 5: Braiding under, instead of over for a more refined look, keep the braid centered and tight.
Step 6: For long hair, double up the braid for a headband effect.
Step 7: Secure the braid with French pins.
Step 8: Loosen the braid and shift it forward.
Step 9: Pull down fly-aways.

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Tracee Ellis Ross’ Hairstylist Is Obsessed With This $7 Hairspray

Weather can be your hair’s worst enemy.

High winds, humid air, summer rain, bright UV rays—say good-bye to your carefully placed tresses. The resulting frizz and flyways can really put a damper on those epic summer activities, especially hot summer dates. So, you’ve probably gone to your local beauty store in search of a holding spray that will protect your style from the elements.

Celeb hairstylist Larry Sims has the answer. With Tracee Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union, Jourdan Dunn and Naomie Harris on his impressive client list, this beauty pro knows how to get your hair laid, and keep it that way. His secret: got2b Glam Force High Hold Hairspray (Read: the hairspray fit for the ultimate glam team). And, it’s only $6.99!

As the stylist waved the spray above the head of his newly-styled model, he told E! News, “This is important for hold and conditioning. [got2b Glam Force is] great for humidity, rain and summer days. It’s not sticky and it’s very pliable.” Sold!

The product is one of many that the hair guru took on his recent trip to Cabo, where he and his friends went on “a vacation of a lifetime.” After four weeks, their Mexican stay resulted in epic adventures, crazy tales, inspiration for summer hair and the Bravo series “Invite Only: Cabo.” For tips, tricks and fun, watch the series every Sunday at 9/8c.

Is your hair ready for summer?